What we do

Software YOU need!

We create custom-fitted software that will help you or your company's workflow. A simple logging platform, a product management software, inventory tacking, or as complex as your own content management system that is integrated with a cloud database. Whatever you need, we'll be happy to make it!


We understand not everyone who needs some software built is a computer scientist or engineer. This is why we do all the complex back-end stuff while you will be greeted with an extremely easy-to-use and very user-friendly front-end.

Fast Demos

If you're in need of a website, we can easily throw together a quick prototype of your website for you to demo and we can continue to work together to develop it to your liking.

MySQL Databases

Each website will have different requirements depending on what it needs to get done. If you're website will require a database, we can easily integrate MySQL database into your website using PHP, HTML, and CSS.

Make Your Dream Game

We can be inquired to make entirely or start development for games that you've been dreaming to make. We've created projects as simple as a 2D platformer and as complex as a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

Unity Game Engine

We solely use Unity3D as our Game Engine of choice for so many reasons we can't list them all here. Not only is it extremely powerful in the right hands, it's extremely easy to learn if you want to develop video games.

Thin Laptop

Our Indie Team

We will remain small and independent from any other company/publisher.
Bryce Raney

Bryce Raney

Computer Scientist, Programmer, Network-Developer, Level-Designer,

Charles Jackson

Charles Jackson

Computer Scientist, 3D-Modeler


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