Angelica Sippel

Also known as decibels since she has been known to be very loud. This always-talking loud skillset has came in handy as our Social Media Manager. She also acts as our Quality Assurance to prevent Bryce's bad ideas when they inevitably form. She gets the word spread far and wide! Has a Computer Science degree yet hates programming.

Bryce Raney

Our coffee-addict who is the main powerhouse of everything programming. Bryce is our Lead Software Engineer and Senior Game Developer. He's been a self taught programming starting at only 7 years of age. Also after an embarrassing time, he now has his Computer Science degree.

Charles Jackson

Loves crazy diets such as the potato-only diet. He is our 3D Modeler and 3D Animator who always had a passion for a creative-outlets. Legend has it, he still doesn't know what a server is, but somehow has a Computer Science degree.

Scott Johnson

After serving the U.S. Navy, he developed a creative passion about designing video games. He is our Junior Game Designer who helps create our game's amazing worlds.